Is a Wealth Screening Right for your Non-Profit?

The Challenge: It’s no secret the biggest challenge all non-profits face is finding, attracting, and building relationships with high net worth prospects who are vital to their efforts in fulfilling fundraising goals. The second challenge, given prospect attrition, is continuously

How to Incorporate Matching Gifts In Your Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign

Over this past week, I had three friends solicit me for financial support to their favorite charity. This is called peer-to-peer fundraising and it can be incredibly effective in helping nonprofits raise more money and acquire new donors. Basically, existing

Double the Impact of your Year End Solicitation

I like to think that I can shut off work at 5pm on Friday afternoon and my weekend is free but, as well all know, that rarely happens.  Last weekend I went through a stack of mail that had piled

12 Twitter Posts Promoting Matching Gifts to Schedule before December 31, 2016

Happy December! Thanksgiving break is over, #GivingTuesday is over, and now it is time to focus on your year-end push. The quickest and easiest way to connect with your donors is through social media.  The other great benefit is that

How Non-Profits Can Share Impactful Success Stories with Donors

Most fundraisers realize the importance of telling their story to donors.  We know it needs to be passionate and personal since it’s critical to effectively communicate why donors should support your cause and how donations are making a difference.  In

Companies that Match Gifts to Colleges and Universities

Every college graduate has received a call from their Alma Mater asking for donations. I received 3 calls from my Alma Mater this week. I finally picked up the phone and made a pledge – lesson one is persistence works.

4 Tips to Maximize Matching Gifts in Your Year-End Email Appeal

If you are like most non-profits you are in the throes of planning your year-end campaign. Year-end appeals are a major source of fundraising revenue. For many non-profits, the last quarter is when they receive over half of their contributions. As

Double Down: How to Make the Most of a Matching Gift Challenge

Nonprofits frequently run ‘matching gift challenges’ or ‘challenge grant’ campaigns. Typically, a major donor offers to match donations up to a certain amount if the donation is made within a set time frame – the end of the month or

Matching Gift Companies in Philadelphia Metro Area

Matching Gift Companies in Philadelphia Metro Area

Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the country and is home to many companies that offer generous employee matching gift programs. Being aware of matching gift companies in your area is critical to your nonprofit. Did you know

Seven Steps to Improve On-line Giving

At HEPdata we have helped our 7,000+ non-profit clients improve their on-line giving.  There are a few critical but easy steps any size non-profit can take to make their web site and on-line giving page user friendly for their donors.