What’s your Matching Gift Scorecard?

At HEPdata, we’ve recently launched the Matching Gift Scorecard. What’s a Matching Gift Scorecard (MGS), you say? The MGS is a quantitative analysis of how well you’re actually doing to promote and capture match dollars and, equally important, a moving forward strategy no matter the score. In some cases, schools and non-profits do a really good job promoting matching gifts while others do poorly. What’s the difference? Let’s explore…

Shops that do well in matching gifts tend to promote their eMatch Donor Link throughout their website and don’t have it poorly placed. They also include a matching gift reminder in most donor correspondence. In addition, they actually take the time to “mine” their data to identify which constituent records have an employer name and which don’t.

Keeping things simple, we know approximately 10% of most donors are match eligible (that number can be higher or lower depending on constituency and type of 501(C)3 designation). So, for example, let’s take a university with 50,000 solicitable alumni and they know where 20,000 work and don’t know where the other 30,000 work.

To figure out our sample university MGS, we’d screen the 20K employer names to determine how many are match eligible through a process called AutoMatch. Typically, 7-12% will get flagged as match eligible. That’s a staggering 2,000 newly flagged match eligible alumni (assuming 10%) which the annual fund office can now solicit using the match incentive! If their participation rate is 20%, we now have 400 newly flagged match eligible alumni to capture matches.

But wait, we aren’t finished… What about the 30K alumni with no employer, can we put this data to work?

Yes, using stats from our EmployerFind process, we can append 40-50% with an employer, title and social media URL.. So, 40% would mean 12K employers added. For those paying attention, you guessed it, 10% would then get flagged as match eligible. That’s 1,200 newly identified match eligible alumni! I get warm fuzzies when I hear this…

What’s your Matching Gift Scorecard? To find out, contact Teddy Callow at tcallow@hepdata.com or 804.248.8433.

Matching Gift Scorecard