For over 20 years, more than 7,000 non-profits have turned to HEPdata for their employer matching gift information. HEPdata’s matching gift database, GiftPlus Online®, is the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date repository of corporate matching gift program data in the world, currently listing over 23,000 companies that match the charitable gifts of employees, families, and retirees. What differentiates our matching gift database from others is that we track parent companies and their subsidiaries.

Why is tracking subsidiaries so important? According to Steve Hafner, President of HEPdata, “Tracking subsidiaries that match gifts are key because nearly 19,000 subsidiaries are match eligible through their parent company match program. Many vendors do not track subsidiaries which means your donor and your organization miss out on match opportunities, especially from subsidiaries that have a completely different name than their parent company.”

The statistics speak for themselves. The number of subsidiaries in our database that have a significantly different name than their parent company is 40%. For example, Johnson & Johnson has 52 subsidiaries that do not have Johnson and Johnson in their name. Non-profits that only have access to parent company information are missing out on a tremendous amount of matching opportunities.

Throughout the year, the HEPdata team of dedicated researchers constantly verifies every matching gift program in the database to ensure the information is accurate. In addition, HEPdata has developed strong relationships with the companies in the database. Companies often alert HEPdata to changes in their programs and these changes are incorporated quickly to ensure continued accuracy.

Our matching gift database logs approximately 50,000 searches a day, which translates into 18,250,000 searches a year. HEPdata adds or updates information for about 20 companies daily. On average, we receive approximately 100 matching gift calls or emails a week; that’s 5,200 inquires a year. Many of the companies are added as a direct result of inquiries from clients and donors. If our data wasn’t accurate, we wouldn’t be in business. It’s just that simple.

“We are ecstatic about hitting $500,000 in matching gifts over 5 years considering we are a private Catholic School High School with a very small staff and 10K alums. Having E-Match Donor Link and access to the HEPdata matching gift database was vital to our success.”
-Chris Copley. Major Gifts Consultant

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For more information on matching gifts, please contact HEPdata at or call 800-681-4438. The HEPdata team is happy to assist you in maximizing your matching gift revenue. Also, check out the Learning Center where you can view over 50 free, on-demand educational webinars by leaders in philanthropy, covering best practice on various fundraising topics. You can also find a weekly blog that provides useful fundraising tips.

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