The most important part of a fundraiser’s job is being a great steward to donors. There are many ways to show appreciation to donors. The most common are letters, emails, events, and phone calls. Another great option often overlooked is sending a short thank you video.

With year-end just around the corner, consider incorporating a thank you video for your supporters. Below are three great examples. Videos are also great because they can be shared on social media getting your non-profit more publicity. The best thing about using a video is donors hear directly from the people impacted by their generosity. It’s a very genuine way to say thank you.

Check out these videos for inspiration:

Wheaton College: This is a unique way of thanking donors through students writing on chalk boards how donations improved their experience at Wheaton College.

Nature Conservancy: This is an effective video because the lead scientist in various locations give thanks with a brief description of the work they accomplish through donations.

Moose Jaw YMCA: The pictures of the children being able to attend summer camp because of the generosity of their donors speaks volumes. You can’t help but feel you are making a difference in a child’s life after watching this. video.

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How Videos are a Powerful Way to Thank Donors
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