If you’re like me, you have probably received several solicitations for year-end giving with the enticement of having your donation doubled through a generous supporter. This is called a matching gift challenge or challenge grant. It’s typically a major donor or institution who offers to match donations up to a certain amount if the donations are made within a set time-frame. Matching gift challenges are a very power tool to motivate donors.

The year-end matching gift challenge can be taken a step further and targeted to your donors who work for a matching gift company. This has the potential to triple the impact of a donor gift. If you knew your donor worked for Google, the donor could donate $100 to the matching gift challenge; it would be matched by the non-profit and could then be submitted to be matched by Google. So that $100 gift just turned into a $300 gift.

If your non-profit is running a year-end matching gift challenge here are some things you can do to triple that match:

  1. Ask donors if their gift can be matched by their employer or refer them to your HEPdata *E-Match Donor Link if applicable.

  2. Call your larger donors to thank them for their donation and remind them of the benefits of employee matching gifts.

  3. Promote the Matching Gift challenge on social media and include a sentence on employee matching gifts.

  4. Include a sentence in the thank you letter on matching gifts.

  5. If you are also sending an email campaign about the matching gift challenge, include a sentence asking if their gift is match eligible through their employer and include the HEPdata *E-Match Donor Link if applicable.

Think how pleased that major donor will be when you are able to show them you took their matching gift challenge to the next level. This isn’t just good stewardship, it is savvy marketing. Also, it will be much easier to find your next major donor for a next matching gift challenge when you are able to show how corporate matching gifts impacts the bottom line. With a matching gift challenge, everyone wins!

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*Need the HEPdata E-Match Donor Link? No problem, HEPdata wants to do our part to help non-profits have a successful year-end giving campaign so we are offering a free E-Match Donor Link – iframe until December 31st! To get started contact info@hepdata.com or call 800-681-4438 today.

How Non-Profits Can Make the Most of Their Year-End Matching Gift Challenge