Automation is your passport to increasing matching gift revenue. Over the last ten years, the number of companies that offer matching gifts, has grown as has the actual dollar amount of the matching gift average. Approximately 1 in 10 gifts to non-profits can be matched. That’s a staggering 10% of total donations!

Technology has played a huge role. Today, we can locate where donors work and determine their matching gift status before we engage them! We can put tools on websites that allow donors to determine if they work for an employer who has a matching gift program and initiate the match. HEPdata’s eMatchPortal® is our newest tool that integrates with our eMatch® Donor Link to make it even easier for your donors to have their gift matched.
eMatchPortal® will:

  • Help donors complete the paperwork and simplify the process;
  • Send auto reminders to complete their match and provides the non-profit fed ID#, address, etc. for the donor to use;
  • Provide the non-profit with credentials to log in and certify a gift;
  • Provide the non-profit with a dashboard to manage ALL matching gifts;
  • Allow the non-profit to take offline donors online to more effectively complete their match and to track; and
  • Help the non-profit with proper receipting with third parties like Benevity, YourCause, etc.

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Take away: Top fundraisers understand the importance of being great stewards to their donors. Make it as easy as possible for your donors to verify if their donation is match eligible and provide the additional tool that automates the matching gift process. Even if you increase your matching gift donations by 1% that still equals THOUSANDS of dollars for most non-profits. For a demo of eMatchPortal®, please email Teddy Callow at or call 800-681-4438 for your free consultation.

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How to Automate Your Matching Gift Program
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