Denison University does a spectacular job of promoting the impact of matching gifts on its web site. Check out the seven things they do to emphasize the benefits of matching gifts.

  1. The page shows the number and dollar amount of matching gifts received the previous fiscal year. A concrete number drives home the importance to donors of getting their gift matched. There is nothing insignificant about $331,068 in free money!
  2. It reminds donors that some companies will match volunteer hours, referred to as Dollars for Doers Programs.
  3. It lets donors know that matching gifts are sometimes available to spouses, retirees, and board members.
  4. All of the above are highlighted as Interesting Facts:


  1. There is an easy tool (E-Match donor link) for donors to instantly verify if their gift is match eligible.


  1. There are two donation options on the one page. Never make your donors hunt for the link to donate!
  2. There are 3 University contacts listed with title, email, and phone number. This is a much better option than listing a generic info email address.
  3. The Ways to Give Page lists all the possible ways to give back to Dennison and includes matching gifts.

Take these tips, incorporate them into your giving web pages and watch the free money come in.

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Seven Ways Denison University Excels at Promoting Matching Gift