#GivingTuesday is a campaign to create a national day of giving to kick start the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. This year #GivingTuesday will be on November 28.

Last year non-profits raised over $168M on #GivingTuesday. HEPdata wants to do our part to help non-profits have a more successful #GivingTuesday this year so we are offering a free trial of E-Match Donor Link – iframe and GiftPlus Online® from November 5 – December 11.

As the industry leader in matching gifts, with over 20 years’ experience helping non-profits create and improve their matching gift strategy, this is our gift to you. To get started contact Hazel Coupar at info@hepdata.com or call 800-681-4438. For more information and resources on #GivingTuesday, please go to GivingTuesday.org. Their site if filled with samples and suggestions to make your campaign easy and successful!

8 Tips to Increase Matching Gifts this #GivingTuesday:

    1. Educate Your Fundraising Team on the Benefits of Matching Gifts
      Everyone on your fundraising team, including Board Members need to understand the benefits of matching gifts. Many people, including your donors, may not be aware of employee matching gifts and so it’s crucial that your team appreciates matching gifts can significantly impact the success of your campaign.


    1. Add HEPdata’s E-Match link to your web site
      Take advantage of our free E-Match link offer for your #GivingTuesday Campaign. Many people don’t know what a matching gift is and do not take the time to research if their employer offers a matching gift program. By adding the HEPdata E-Match Donor Link to your web site, your donors will instantly be able to verify if their gift is match eligible.


    1. Use Email as part of your Campaign
      Email is the easiest way to reach the majority of donors. Make sure to ask them if their gift can be matched by their employer and include the E-Match link so they can instantly verify and receive all the necessary information directly from your email. Let your donors know what you received in matching gifts last year and make the plea to exceed that number this year.


    1. Use Social Media to Promote Matching Gifts
      Remind your donors their gift might be match eligible and post your free custom E-Match link on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here are 2 sample tweets you can use:
      Want to double your #GivingTuesday contribution? Check here to see if our employer will match your donation (Insert link to the HEP E-Match).Last #GivingTuesday we raised $X from corporate matching gift programs – help make 2017 a better year! (Insert link to the HEP E-Match).


    1. Identify the Top 10-20 Matching Gift Companies in Your Area
      You can access this information through a subscription to HEPdata’s GiftPlus Online. Contact the community relations department at these companies and present your #GivingTuesday Campaign and encourage employee participation.


    1. Ask about Matching Gifts during Your Phonathon
      Your #GivingTuesday phonathon callers should ask prospects for their employment information and spouse employment information (when applicable.) How they ask is critical. Here is example script that your callers could use, “Many companies match charitable contributions and I would like to check if you or your spouse (when applicable) are eligible. Would you mind sharing your title and employer name?” – Then your callers can use GiftPlus to verify if the gift is match eligible and if so, email them a .pdf form and instructions to get that gift matched.


    1. Match the Match
      If you are planning on running a matching gift challenge for #GivingTuesday, remember that those gifts have the potential to triple. For example, if your donor works for Smith Barney, the donor could donate $100 to the Matching Gift Challenge, it would be matched by the non-profit and could then also be submitted to be matched by Smith Barney. So that $100 gift just turned into a $300 gift. This isn’t crossing any ethical barriers because the donor is only asking their employer to match their gift.


  1. Include Matching Gift Information in the Donor Thank You Letter
    This is one more opportunity to still get a donation matched. You should always include a sentence reminding the donor that their gift may be match eligible. Insert the HEP E-Match
    Donor Link in the letter so you are giving them a call to action. Here is sample verbiage you can use: “You may work at a company that has a matching gift program. Take advantage of this great benefit by visiting our on-line matching gift look-up link: (insert your free custom link here).

# # #

At HEPdata we are eager to help all non-profits have a successful #GivingTuesday Campaign. We would be happy to discuss with you in more detail how you can incorporate matching gifts into this year’s #GivingTuesday Campaign. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.

How Non-Profits Can Maximize Matching Gifts on #GivingTuesday 2017