Employment data can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to engagement and fundraising, but how that data is collected can be a challenge.  With some companies in the industry advertising scraped LinkedIn data, ask yourself if this is the best way, both practically and ethically.  While LinkedIn is a great source for business info, at HEPdata we believe scraping their data provides some inherent challenges and we offer a more robust solution that gives you more accurate results.

Reconciling the scraped data against your alumni records… Are you doing the reconciling one record at a time or are they doing it electronically for you?  The latter is impossible to do accurately. Here are some things to consider before you scrape data from LinkedIn.

  • Getting the data uploaded into your CRM… This is impossible without the above being sufficiently addressed
  • Anyone with your school or university on their profile will be pulled and returned, meaning much of the data could be useless to you if they are not an actual graduate (certificates, summer courses, transfers, etc.)
  • You cannot run subsets of your data (i.e., by grad year, geographical area, major, or just donors)
  • LI has sent cease and desist orders to some firms scraping their data…. Is this a grey area or is it clear cut?

Why rely on one source for employment data? HEPdata provides multiple sources including our API of 100 million professional profiles, social media, a proprietary file of 5 million execs as well as state and federal databases and we use redundant confirmation to ensure accuracy.  HEP append rates are the highest in the industry with typically in the 35-55% range.

How does my file get matched? Some of our process is manual and some of the matching is performed electronically.  At the end of the matching, each record goes through a thorough quality assurance process with a trained editor.  That’s right, all matches get reviewed by us prior to returning to you.

How do I get my file uploaded back into my CRM? Since we aren’t scraping, you send your alumni file to HEPdata and we match the records up directly against multiple sources.  This means each match is linked properly to an alum record complete with your internal alum ID #.  The alum ID # allows you to map your import effortlessly.

 * * *

Go with the value play and call HEPdata to find out how we can append employment information to your alumni records.  We’ve helped hundreds of schools this year alone.  For more information or for a free 100 record test, please contact Teddy Callow at tcallow@hepdata.com or call (800) 681 4438.

Employer Appending, to scrape or not scrape?
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