We are facing uncertain times. We are unsure of what the future holds with government funding for many nonprofits. Proposed budget cuts are likely to affect the arts, humanities and public broadcasting. Nonprofits that may be affected by proposed federal budgets cuts will need to focus on other sources of support.

One source many nonprofits depend on is individual donations. At HEPdata we are here to help those affected by the proposed cuts. We offer two inexpensive tools to help nonprofits maximize individual giving through increasing matching gifts.Every year billions of dollars in potential matching gifts are not used by nonprofits. At this crucial time, every dollar counts.

Check out the following tips that will help any nonprofit increase matching gifts:

  1. Make it easy for your donors to have their gift matched.E-Match Donor Link – Make it easy for donors to find out if they work for a company that matches gifts to your organization. Our matching gift search allows donors to instantly verify from your web site if their gift is match eligible. Donors get the instructions needed to have their gift matched, including the matching gift form and URL directly from the giving pages of your web site. Check-out this example from Wisconsin Public Radio.
  1. Learn everything you can about companies match to your that will match to your nonprofitGiftPlus Online® –  Provides online access to over 23,000 matching gift programs in the United States and Canada.  Detailed profiles of companies that will match to your specific eligibility.  We track 30+ eligibilities such as: hospitals, universities, museums, human services, public radio and TV stations, it is critical to know which companies will match to your organization.  Every company has different eligibility requirements and the beauty of GiftPlus Online is that you can screen to see if your organization qualifies.  You can also search on your geographic area so you know which local companies will match to your nonprofit, and specific details such as minimum/maximum gift size, match ratios, application deadlines, distribution dates, Dollars for Doers volunteer matching and spousal matching.  The web solution even provided immediate access to match forms and logins to make it easy for donors to maximize their gifts.  Users can create custom reminders that will send employer-specific match forms by mail or email.

So, how often does this solution get used? GiftPlus Online® receives approximately 50,000 searches a day, and over 18 million per year. It’s easy, fast and accurate.

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At HEPdata we are happy to help you evaluate how you can increase your matching gift revenue. Check out our Learning Center where you can view over 50 free on-demand educational webinars given by leaders in philanthropy, covering best practice for matching gift administration and other fundraising topics. You can also find a weekly blog that provides fundraising tips. Email: info@hepdata.com or call 800-681-4438 for more information.

Maximizing Donations to Offset Lower Government Funding