Spring is just a few weeks away – this is the perfect time to consider completing a data cleanse on your donor database! Nonprofits spend so much time building lists, cultivating new donors and prospects, developing marketing strategies, but all these efforts are for naught if you don’t have accurate donor information. An accurate and robust donor database is the lifeline for any nonprofit.

At HEPdata we work with over 7,000 nonprofits to ensure they have the most accurate donor data. We have compiled a donor cleansing checklist that would benefit any nonprofit:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA): Screen your donor list against the National Change of Address database to ensure that all addresses are up-to-date. Direct mail studies have found that screening your mailing list against this database twice a year can update between 7% and 15% of your addresses — meaning more charitable gifts and fewer wasted solicitations.
  • Phone Append: As more and more households give up their landlines in favor of cell phones, successful phonathon campaigns will increasingly depend on the ability to reach people on their mobile devices. We also offer home phone appends and a new wireless flag.  Our wireless flag will label you’re constituent numbers as either a mobile number or landline, allowing you to confidently connect with them.
  • Delete Duplicate Records: Regularly check for and remove duplicate donor records. This will greatly reduce printing and mailing costs and enable searches and reports to run more efficiently.
  • Get Accurate Email Addresses for Your Donors eFind™: Grow your pool of donor email addresses using our advanced email append service. Improve your digital communications strategy by using eFind™ to append current email addresses to your donor database. We offer appending to both personal and business emails.
  • Improve the accuracy of your donor’s employment information through our 3 Employer Append Products: If you are like most non-profits, your donor employer information is non-existent or has become outdated. HEPdata’s EmployerFind™ can fill those gaps in information by providing a current employer name, job title and Social Media URL (when available). We can also verify the validity of your existing employer names.
  • Identify Donors that are Matching Gift Eligible through AutoMatchXpress: AutoMatchXpress is a comprehensive screening service that will identify which records in your donor database are match eligible. AutoMatch will identify match eligible donors and prospects, allowing you to target matching gift opportunities when soliciting or acknowledging gifts.
  • Birth Dates and Death Records: Find birth dates and death records with our prospect data append service.

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Take away: By keeping accurate data, nonprofits benefit by lowering marketing costs, increasing response rates, and increasing return on your outreach efforts. Top fundraisers understand the importance of regularly evaluating the accuracy of their data and running append services when necessary.  We would be happy to help evaluate your data cleansing needs.  Email: info@hepdata.com or call 800-681-4438 for your free consultation.

Also, check out our Learning Center where you can watch over 50 free on-demand educational webinars by leaders in philanthropy, covering best practice on various fundraising topics.  You can also find a weekly blog that provides useful fundraising tips.  Email: info@hepdata.com or call 800-681-4438 information for more information.

Data Cleansing Checklist for any Nonprofit