The Challenge: It’s no secret the biggest challenge all non-profits face is finding, attracting, and building relationships with high net worth prospects who are vital to their efforts in fulfilling fundraising goals. The second challenge, given prospect attrition, is continuously developing new major gift prospects. In this light, consider if a screening is right for your organization.

The benefit: A wealth screening will provide fundraisers invaluable information about their constituents and bring them one step closer to cultivating and closing major gift donations. Through the screening process, fundraisers learn more about their donors’ personal and professional backgrounds, personal and business networks, philanthropic motivations and giving histories, hard assets and wealth indicators. With this knowledge at the ready, organizations are equipped to determine a prospect’s inclination and capacity to give.

A wealth screening can significantly enhance your ability to intelligently focus upon your best prospects. It opens the door to informed fundraising. It is a cliché worth repeating: If you do not know where your constituents work, what they do, what is important to them, and what they are worth, it will be nearly impossible to engage them, and thus cultivate a gift at a constituent’s true capacity.

Here What Our Clients Have to Say: “Thought you might like a cool Wealth Tracker story. As you know, we recently sent you guys a new file.  We just pulled the overall list of people you identified as high net worth individuals and found that 485 of them don’t have an existing major gift prospect rating!  Furthermore, as I started looking at them, the first guy I found who was a good hit didn’t get flagged in our recent screening from a different vendor!” Lisa Foster, Phillips Academy

The Test/Analysis: If you are new to prospect research or are simply due for a fresh review and analysis of your current research tools and options, please contact us at your convenience; we will answer all your questions patiently and thoroughly; we may even recommend another vendor if appropriate. Please note that we are offering complimentary test screenings of up to 100,000 records for any institution interested in WealthTracker, HEPdata’s state-of-the-art wealth screening and daily real-time wealth and business alerts service.

If your non-profit is interested in learning more about our wealth screening services, please contact Ted Hafner as follows: Ted would be happy to further discuss your current prospect research strategizes.  We also have an extensive collection of fundraising and marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.

Thank you to our guest blogger, Theodore Hafner, Managing Director – Wealth Services, at HEPdata.

Is a Wealth Screening Right for your Non-Profit?