Happy December! Thanksgiving break is over, #GivingTuesday is over, and now it is time to focus on your year-end push. The quickest and easiest way to connect with your donors is through social media.  The other great benefit is that it is FREE! Sprint to the year-end with some strong Tweets promoting matching gifts.  We’ve done the work for you. Don’t leave free money on the table for 2016.  Happy Tweeting!

  1. Want to double or maybe even triple your year-end contributions? Check to see if our employer will match your donation (Insert HEP Ematch link).
  2. Don’t forget to request an employer match for your year-end giving–your gift could go twice as far! (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  3. Thinking of making a charitable donation before December 31? Your employer might offer matching gift programs. (Insert Ematch link here)
  4. Did you donate to us in 2016? There’s still time to submit a matching gift request from your employer! (Insert HEP Ematch link here)
  5. Please help end 2016 with a bang! Consider making a year-end gift and don’t forget to see if it can be matched (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  6. We’re currently (insert % here) to our 2016 goal in the Matching Gift Campaign. Will you help us reach 100%? (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  7. Double your impact: ask your employer to match your 2016 gift. Learn more (Insert HEP Ematch link). Sign up before your company’s deadline!
  8. Last year, we raised $X from corporate matching gift programs. Help make 2016 even better! (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  9. Your gift can go twice as far. Please check and see if your company offers an employee matching gift program (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  10. It takes just a few minutes to submit corporate employee matching gift forms… have you submitted yours for 2016? (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  11. Big thank you to donors for making 2016 a great year, and double thanks to those who submit matching gifts. (Insert HEP Ematch link)
  12. Increase the impact of your yearend gift. Check to see if you company will match your donation (Insert HEP Ematch link)

If your non-profit is interested in learning more about our matching gift services, please visit www.hepdata.com, email: info@hepdata.com or call 800.681.4438. We would be happy to help you analyze your current matching gift strategies. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.

12 Twitter Posts Promoting Matching Gifts to Schedule before December 31, 2016