Every college graduate has received a call from their Alma Mater asking for donations. I received 3 calls from my Alma Mater this week. I finally picked up the phone and made a pledge – lesson one is persistence works. And statistics show that alumni do give back to their colleges and universities. Fortunately, many of these generous gifts will be matched by alumni employers.

Most matching gift programs began by only matching to colleges and universities. Many companies expanded their programs to include other nonprofit organizations, or all nonprofit organizations. Of the 23,000+ companies that we track through our matching gift database ( GiftPlus Online), approximately 75% match to higher education.

Many universities that we work with at HEPdata have built very successful matching gift programs and raise an impressive amount of money annually through donation matches. For example, the Louisiana State University Foundation recently reported that they have received nearly $5.6 million from ExxonMobil over the last five years through departmental grants, faculty-sponsored research and its educational matching program.

The colleges and universities we work with use our E-Match Donor LinkTM to offer their donors a proactive approach to verify if their donation is match eligible. They also subscribe to GiftPlus Online® so that they have access to our entire matching gift database and can leverage this information to positively impact their mail campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and phonathons.

Below are a sample of companies that offer generous matching gift programs to Higher Ed:

American International Group, Inc. – AIG
Minimum Matched: $25 annually
Total Per Employee: $5,000 annually
Maximum Matched: $10,000 annually
Match Ratio: 2:1

Halliburton Co. Higher Ed Program
Minimum Matched: $0 annually
Total Per Employee: $20,000 annually
Maximum Matched: $45,000 annually
Match Ratio: 2.25:1

Geico Companies Matching Educational Gifts Program
Minimum Matched: $25 annually
Total Per Employee: $5,000 annually
Maximum Matched: $10,000 annually
Match Ratio: 2:1

8 Tips for Higher Education Institutions Seeking Matching Gifts

  • Educate your development staff on the benefits of matching gifts
  • Ask for matching gifts during phonathons
  • Collect employer information through prospect research or career services
  • Promote matching gifts on your web site
  • E-Match Donor Linkto your web site
  • Promote matching gifts via twitter.  Sample tweet: Want to double or maybe even triple your donation? Check to see if your employer will match your donation (Insert HEP E-Match link).
  • Add a reminder about the potential of matching gifts in your email signature
  • Check with your Board Members to see if they work for a matching gift company.  They are great stewards for your organization so you need to know if they are matching gift eligible.

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Give your donors the tools they need to get their gift matched quickly and easily – start your free two-week trial of GiftPlus Online® today! For more information on our matching gift tools, please contact us at 800.681.4438 or info@hepdata.com. We would be happy to help you analyze your current matching gift initiative. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center

Companies that Match Gifts to Colleges and Universities