We are pleased to announce that real estate data is now available to Wealth Tracker clients at no additional cost, using CoreLogic, the premier real estate market analytics provider. We invite you to a webinar to learn how to take advantage of this valuable real estate data on high value properties. Discovering details on property location and mortgage information is normally a daunting task. Typically you will need to sift through various sources of information to try to make sense of it all.


Newly added to Wealth Tracker, real estate holding data can help you locate potential
major gift prospects with high value properties as well as those with multiple properties.

Unique features:

  • Estimated equity on every property
  • Estimated mortgage on every property
  • Estimated market value on every property
  • Quarterly updates to ensure your intel is accurate

Learn how to leverage targeted, deep-dive real estate information on your best prospects!

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NEW Real Estate Data Now Available on Wealth Tracker – 10/12/2016