At HEPdata we work with nonprofits all over the country. Frequently we are asked which states have the most matching gift programs. The answer to this question probably won’t surprise you because it correlates to a state’s population and major metropolitan areas. Here is our listing of top ten states/metropolitan areas with matching gift programs:

  1. New York–New Jersey–Connecticut Metro Area
  2. California
  3. Texas
  4. Illinois
  5. Washington, DC–Maryland–Virginia Metro Area
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Ohio
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Florida
  10. Washington

Determine the 10-20 largest matching gift eligible employers in your geographic area.

Share this information with everyone involved in fundraising efforts so they are familiar with these employers. For example, if your nonprofit is based in the Houston area you would want to know that BHP Billiton Petroleum matches up to $40,000 annually, Halliburton matches up to $20,000 annually and Conoco Phillips matches up to $15,000 annually. These are just three of the top matching gift companies in the Houston area. Your organization will want to make strong connections with companies that offer such generous support.

Promote matching gifts to donors.

It is imperative that you educate your donors on the benefits of matching gifts. Many people are unaware that they work for a matching gift company. Make it easy for your donors to verify if their donation is match eligible by adding the HEPdata’ E-Match Donor Link to your web site. Over 7,000 nonprofits currently subscribe to the E-Match link. It is the number one industry tool to help nonprofits maximize their matching gift revenue.

Know which companies offer corporate volunteer grants also known as ‘dollars for doers’ programs.

These programs allow employees to volunteer for their favorite cause and the employer will match their volunteer hours with a financial donation to the nonprofit. The average rate is $10 per eligible hour spent volunteering. Have someone from your Development Department approach these companies about organizing a team volunteer day. This is a great way to get exposure to your nonprofit and engage new donors. Also, look to executives from these companies to sit on your board.

How do you get information on matching gift companies in your area?

The best tool to track all of the various corporate volunteer programs aka Dollars for Doers and matching gift ratios is to subscribe to HEPdata’s GiftPlus Online®. GiftPlus Online® will give you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database of its kind. Detailed profiles include minimum/maximum gift size, match ratios, application deadlines, distribution dates, Dollars for Doers (employee volunteer matching programs), and spousal matching, digital access to match forms, logins and much more.

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If your nonprofit is interested in learning more about our matching gift services, please visit, email: or call 800.681.4438. We would be happy to help you analyze your current matching gift strategies. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.



Top Ten States for Matching Gift Companies