Colleges and Universities are back in session and Greek Rush is in full swing. You might only think of Animal House when you think of Greek Life but these organizations do a tremendous amount of philanthropy through their foundations. At HEPdata we work with fraternity and sorority educational foundations to help maximize their fundraising efforts.

I recently received a solicitation for a donation from my daughter’s sorority and there was a standard line reminding the potential donor about employer matching gifts and asking them to check with their HR department. That sort of generalized solicitation is not the optimal way to maximize your matching gift dollars.

The fraternity and sorority educational foundations that we work with use our E-Match Donor LinkTM to offer their donors a proactive approach to verify if their donation is match eligible. They also subscribe to GiftPlus Online® so that they have access to our entire matching gift database and can leverage this information to positively impact their mail campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and phonathons.

Here are examples of fraternity and sorority educational foundations that subscribe to HEPdata matching gift tools to build a successful matching gift campaign:

The following organizations are turning matching gift data into dollars by using the E-Match Donor LinkTM:

Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Phi Kappa Theta

Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation

E-Match Donor LinkTM gives donors everything they need, all in one place, to multiply their gifts. E-Match Donor Link provides these exclusive features:

  • Immediate match eligibility confirmation
  • Up-to-date company policies and procedures for over 20,000 matching gift programs in the US, the UK, and Canada
  • Detailed instructions on how and where to apply for a company match
  • Information on Dollars for Doers and Corporate Volunteer Matching Programs
  • Links to the latest matching gift forms and guidelines
  • Gift ratios, minimum and maximum eligible gifts
  • Seamless integration into your donation website using I-frame or our customizable API

If your fraternity or sorority foundation is interested in learning more about our matching gift services, please visit, email or call 800.681.4438. To reach our blog writer, Joan Graham, please email We would be happy to help you analyze your current matching gift strategies. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.


How Fraternity and Sorority Educational Foundations Can Increase their Fundraising Efforts through Matching Gifts