At HEPdata we not only provide our clients with the most accurate matching gift data in the industry but we also help non-profits strategize on how to increase their matching gift revenue. We review with our clients what they are currently doing to market and promote matching gifts and help them identify other ways to maximize their matching gift potential.

One of the most successful strategies we have identified to help non-profits capture more matching gifts is sending personalized solicitations to donors that have been identified as matching gift eligible. The non-profit sends the donor a customized letter or email reminding them their gift can be matched by their employer, includes instructions on how to have the gift matched and provides the matching gift form when available.

This type of direct marketing campaign pays off in the following ways:

  1. Increases response rate by leveraging matching data on the front end
  2. Creates donor interest and engagement
  3. Increases overall response rate due to a strong matching appeal to donors
  4. Increases likelihood of a matching gift by including company-specific matching form
  5. Increases average gift size with a matching gift
  6. Encourages first-time gifts – knowing their first-time gift is worth twice as much provides never-givers another reason to become donors
  7. Allows you to research and implement a streamlined matching-gifts program
  8. Taps into the vast resource of matching funds and increases your fundraising efforts
  9. Increases constituent and corporate support – understanding matching-gift eligibility
  10. Projects your image as a well-organized and professional organization

Interested in creating a Matching Gift Direct Appeal?  Please contact us about a free AutoMatchXpress Screening.  This is the first step and we can help you keep the ball rolling from there.

Let us help you create a successful, well organized and professional matching gift appeal. If your non-profit is interested in learning more about our matching gift services, please visit, email: or call 800.681.4438. We would be happy to help you analyze your current matching gift strategies. We also have an extensive collection of matching gift marketing strategies to review online in our Learning Center.


Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Donors a Matching Gift Appeal