Knowing a donor's employer is the first step to increasing matching gifts for your school or charity. But often, employment data is the most elusive information data to find and equally as difficult to maintain.

  • This webinar explores creative ways to stay on top of this key data. Developing a systematic approach to determining where your donors and friends are employed is vitally important for both matching gifts and major gifts. Learn the simple techniques to get this vital information on your constituents.  If you are looking to improve your matching gift results and raising more money, plan on attending. Join us at our complimentary seminar to learn strategies that will allow you to obtain and maintain your donor's employer information:
  • On Line Donation Forms
  •  Social Networks
  •  What to do at Events
  • Donor Surveys
  •  Using Automated Screening Tools & Services

Learning best practices for matching gifts will help your organization maximize your potential revenues.

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Finding Employer Information for a Matching Gift