Can donors find your website’s matching gift resources quickly and easily? Nothing frustrates potential donors more than having to click through your whole site in search of your donation page. They will quickly give up. And when they do, you’ve lost their gift – not just this time, but also in the future, too.

World Vision does a great job of promoting matching gifts on their web site. On their navigation bar there is a tab for Ways to Give.  When you click on the tab there is a drop down menu that features matching gifts.  I like the tag line that says, Your gift can change a life.  Your company’s give can change another. Your donors can find how to donate directly from the navigation bar on the home screen.  Nothing is more frustrating than having to search through a web site to try and find the page where you can make a donation. I am a huge believer in the “one-click” rule.  One a potential donor logs onto your web site, it should only take one click to find out how to donate.




I love when non-profits disclose how much they have received in corporate support and better yet how that money was used to further their cause.  This make it tangible for your donors.  My donation went to help with emergency relief, clean water, food supplies and much more.  People feel more confident making a donation when they know how those donations are spent.

I also really like that they list a phone number at World Vision for donors to call if they have questions. Many non-profits don’t give out that information and it seems if someone is willing to make a donation than you should provide them with a number to call if they have questions.   They also mention the possiblitity of having their volunteer hours paid for – also known as Dollars for Doers.  At HEPdata, we track Dollar for Doers Programs so World Vision’s donors can easily search their E-Match matching gift link to see if their company offers such a program.




Finally, they give their donors the tool to instantly verify if their gift is match eligible.  There is nothing worse than asking your donors to check with their HR department to see if their donation can be matched.  Think of how many potential donors you lose by putting that burden on them.  You need to make it as easy as possible for your donors to have their gifts matched.  By adding the E-Match Donor Link to your web site, you are doing the work for them.

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